Ettalong Channel Dredging

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dredging the Ettalong Channel might be the job of the local council and state government but this issue has been going for months now and it deeply affects our whole community. I'm advised that around half of the required 10,000 cubic metres of sand has been removed from the channel. But I am raising this issue in the House today because, quite frankly, it's having a real impact on local businesses and residents, and their voices need to be heard. I've spoken directly with the New South Wales Minister for Lands and Forestry, Paul Toole. I've also been working with Taylor Martin MLC and Adam Crouch MP.

We have invited the minister to join local Liberal representatives to walk again the streets of Ettalong together and hear the stories of local buinesses that are suffering from the drawn-out dredging process, stories from people like Ed from Ettalong Keys, who said the lack of dredging has made a noticeable difference to my trade on weekends. Tracey Kerr from Kirby's Variety Stores said, 'The shop has had to close on a Sunday because I can't afford to pay wages.' While Janella from TaylorMade Pet Supplies said, 'A lot of businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

I am calling on the minister and the New South Wales government to do whatever it takes to solve this issue now. I am calling on the New South Wales government and the council to be on the side of Ettalong businesses and local residents who are crying out. I am calling for additional funding and ongoing consultation with our local community until the dredging is done. Enough is enough. Let's get it done.

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