Transcript - Fake Unions Debate

Monday, 09 November 2015

I rise to congratulate this Government once again on securing significant Free Trade Agreements that will deliver major benefits to workers, businesses and consumers in my electorate of Robertson.

This was discussed at length in an outstanding AusTrade Forum we held at Gosford RSL last week.

More than 40 local businesses heard clearly that there has never been a better time to be engaging with our export markets.

Sadly, Mr Deputy Speaker, this positive message of the benefits of Free Trade Agreements is not forthcoming from the Unions.

In fact, the behaviour by the ACTU has been deceitful, setting up phoney so-called ‘debates’ about the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, including on the Central Coast.

I’m more than willing to engage in fair, balanced and open discussion, our AusTrade forum is a case in point.

But these sham debates run by the ACTU are only designed to push misleading arguments and misleading facts.

What’s worse is that I and several other Coalition members have been invited to debates, we’ve sent written apologies that we cannot attend often well in advance –  and in my case, it was an event not even in my electorate – yet the Unions advertised our so-called “attendance” then have the gall to claim we are no-shows.

The silence about a lack of attendance from Labor MPs is deafening.

But I believe that Australians will always choose hope and opportunity over fear, division and misleading campaigns.

I will continue to spread the facts that the China Australia Free Trade Agreement will boost trade, propel growth and create many thousands of jobs.

Making things happen for Robertson

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