Constituency statement: Big broadband news for Robertson in 18 month rollout plan

Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Deputy Speaker, the electorate of Robertson has done well from the re-prioritised NBN rollout.

As part of the Government’s 18 month plan for the NBN, which is 18 months from now, a large swathe of my electorate will receive access to fast broadband.

More than 27 thousand additional premises will be passed, additional to those we have already announced  – and the vast majority of those premises will be connected to the fixed line network.

Announcing the schedule earlier this week, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull made it very clear that irrespective of the type of technology, everyone gets fast broadband.

That is the message, Deputy Speaker, that fast broadband, regardless of the type, is just that…….it’s fast!

Let’s look for a minute at fibre to the node technology, which offers a massive amount of capacity.

Earlier in the year NBN Co tested the speed of fibre to the node at Umina on the Central Coast. Raw download speeds of 105 megabits per second were registered and upload speeds of 45 Mbps. These are very very fast. These kinds of speeds will be repeated across a lot of my electorate, where fibre to the node is used.

These results back the findings of NBNCO’s Strategic Review, published last December, which showed the NBN could be delivered sooner and more cost-effectively by using existing copper lines, where they were in good enough nick, in combination with optic fibre.

Fibre to the node won’t be the only form of fixed line service for Robertson, fibre to the premise will also feature, but the overall aim is to connect more of regional Australia to fast broadband than Labor could ever promise or deliver. In the process we will save taxpayers an estimated $32 billion dollars, compared to Labor’s Fibre to the Premises only model. If Labor's NBN had proceeded, it would have cost $72.6 billion — that is $29 billion more than the public were told—and it would have taken until 2024.

Deputy Speaker, fast broadband will bring all kinds of benefits for businesses and households in Robertson.

Working from home becomes a real option when you have fast, reliable internet.

More of the family can be on the internet at once, on different devices, all getting the same high speeds. For small businesses, data and systems can be stored on the cloud and accessed on any device. New markets open up when communication is fast and reliable.

I was proud to announce earlier this week, optic fibre will be rolled out in the larger centres in my electorate – Goulburn, Cowra, Yass and Young – in the next 18 months. Wollondilly in the north will be connected to the fixed line network and fixed wireless towers for smaller populations are popping up across the west of my electorate, also to be coming elsewhere.

Deputy Speaker, the good news on telecommunications keeps coming for Robertson.


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